Cross-border Investment

SG & CO has accumulated rich practice experience overseas and cooperation resources in the field of cross-border investment, and conducted comprehensive and in-depth research on the legal systems of China and overseas jurisdictions. We have established a strategic partnership with law firms in Europe, North America, Australia, Japan and other countries and regions, which can provide efficient and quality comprehensive legal services for Chinese enterprises to “go global”.

Areas of Focus:

● Cross-border Investment Industry Access Policy Consulting

● Cross-border Investment Structure Design 

● Cross-border Investment Tax Planning

 Cross-border Due Diligence

● Cross-border JV:  Drafting & Review of Legal Instruments, Cooperation Negotiation

 Collective Declaration

 Cross-border Subsidiaries Establishment / Change / Withdrawal

● Establishment of Investment Companies & Recognition of Regional Headquarters

 Comprehensive Legal Services for the Compliant Operation of Cross-border Subsidiaries

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