Lawyers at SG & CO, often racing against time, are committed to providing professional and excellent legal services for our clients with a heart of love. We are willing to assume social responsibilities, and continuously deepen and expand our involvement in public welfare. While serving the public good, we also have been benefiting from it and developing ourselves. This allows our lawyers to better understand how to help others and give support, with a broader sense of humanity and a stronger sense of responsibility and being more confident of fulfilling our mission as a lawyer.

As the saying goes, the truth of the story lies in the details, and time reveals a person’s heart. With gratitude and responsibility, SG & CO lawyers fully participate in all aspects of public welfare activities, such as donating to help poor children go to school, caring for vulnerable groups, providing legal education for juveniles, and volunteering to provide legal advice on people’s livelihood issues. It not only offers kind contribution, but also drives the development of social welfare undertakings by actively popularizing the rule of law concept, and improving legislation and institutions.

The public welfare activities undertaken by SG & CO are like a beam of light shining on the road of children’s growth. We have devoted a lot of time and energy to philanthropy projects such as those related to autistic children, legal education for juveniles, and safeguarding legal rights and interests of juveniles. Since teenagers are the future of the country, we will continue to carefully safeguard and protect their rights and interests and healthy growth, showing the warmth and light of justice brought by professional and conscientious lawyers.

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