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SG & CO boasts a team of senior lawyers who have been focusing on business with Japan for more than a decade. With many years of studying or working in Japan, they are proficient in Japanese, and familiar with the differences and characteristics of China and Japan in terms of business cultures and communication methods. They have provided a host of well-known enterprises in China and Japan with comprehensive professional legal services regarding commercial affairs such as investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, compliance operations, and dispute resolution. With a wealth of practical experience, we represent our clients in an efficient, meticulous, dedicated and professional manner, and have won long-term trust and praise from clients.

Scope of Services:

● Industry Access Policy Consulting

● Investment Framework Design

● Cross-border Investment Tax Planning

● Cross-border Due Diligence

● Drafting, Review & Negotiation of Legal Instruments for JV and Cooperation

● Prior Notice of Concentrations of Undertakings

● Establishment, Change & Withdrawal of Cross-border Subsidiaries

● Establishment of Investment Companies & Recognition of Regional Headquarters

 Compliant Operation of Cross-border Subsidiaries

 Cross-border Dispute Resolution

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