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The environment and resource problems are the most serious and urgent challenges facing human society. SG & CO, with a strong sense of mission and responsibility, is willing to participate in the historical process of legal construction in this important field with its expertise, and aiming to protect and improve human environment and resources. We have devoted to the research in this field, with a focus on the development of new energy and environmental protection enterprises, to provide special legal services and legal risk assessment for environmental protection projects, as well as whole-process legal support for energy industry investment and project development.

Scope of Services:

● Environmental Legal Risk Assessment & Compliance Management and Prevention

● Carbon Emission Trading & Green Finance

● Energy Financing and M&A

● Investigation & Development, Transaction Design & Due Diligence of Investment Projects

 Drafting, Review and Revision of Business Negotiation & Legal Instruments

● Dispute Resolution Related to Environment & Resources

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